Friday, November 14, 2014


After 1405 blog posts on this thing that started in 2006 I figured why not give a little push again. This really isn't about having anyone read what I have to say, Its more about saying what I need to say, just getting it out. Writing helps me develop my thinking, telling people your goals helps develop some sense of responsibility and assist with follow through, and on some level I feel like I run across some really cool stuff sometimes and don't want it to be lost forever.

Little update on me personally, things are rolling along with work, the kids are great Emma is over 5 and a half and Ben turns 2 in January, and things have never been better with the wife. I've done a lot of what I will call "work on myself" in that I'm in a good place mentally to face the craziness that could be my life. I'm in a good structure, I'm more aware of my actions than I have been in a long time (perhaps ever), and with a zillion things going on I don't feel overwhelmed. This is great OR I've gone crazy and haven't come to that realization yet.

That being said I wish/hope/want to share this great place I'm in with others and hopefully help them get to the same place in their lives. *Make sure and don't read that literally, place is referring to some dimensional location of happy, quality, etc not a place on a map. I can't thank everyone who has helped me get here but I will note three big influences on my mental growth over the past year. First is Tony DiGeorge, Tony is/was my counselor that I've seen on and off for years now but I really committed to my work with him after my Dad passed away last Fall. To me Tony's greatest asset is he helps cut through the bullshit when sorting out my "stuff". I've come to learn that "stuff" is kind of like the inside of a pumpkin; it's gooey, it's stringy, it takes a lot of to get out, but unravel all that and any situation is manageable and just needs to be attacked. Tony also introduced me to Tolle and his work which really spoke to me.

 Second is Eckhart Tolle. Tolle's book the Power of Now literally changed my life. It may have hit me during a time of growth and it won't other people. It takes a certain amount of openness to apply the concepts to one's self and not everyone has that. I don't have it all the time. But for me The Power of Now in Spring of 2013 was a right time, right place match. If an odd dialect turns you off I advise you not seek out Tolle on YouTube or his audio CD's as he is a German born Canadian with an accent that took focus for me to grasp in the beginning, but much like Robbins, below, the message far outweighs the messenger. Tolle of these 3 "influencers" is definitely the most philosophical where DiGeorge and Robbins are more what I'll call application based.

Third is a much more recent influence and that is Tony Robbins. I find that when I tell people about Tony Robbins and how I'm into him now I get strange looks. Is he a multi-millionaire who made a killing of self-help motivational stuff? Sure, but that doesn't mean his stuff is bad. Is he kind of goofy, sure but I can slide past that as he isn't some sort of savant, he's just a teacher helping people better understand themselves and their motivations. Do I agree with every single thing, no and I don't think I should, the point is to be open to learning new things, evaluating, modeling but being able to diverge when needed.

I will also say that I have two personal influence who this growth would not be possible without. First, my wife, my sounding board, who at times rolls her eyes but always loves and encourages like only a spouse can. Second is one of my best friends, law school classmate, attorney and deep thinker Jarrod Taylor. On some levels Jarrod and I have parallels which create a special empathy, and a bond that I can't really explain. I don't have a brother but I treat Jarrod much like that. Jarrod has been more into what I consider the big time philosphers, Nietzsche and such, but also introduced me to some Buddhist principles by Lama Surya Das that I still reflect on years later.

As I write this I consider that many who know me may think I've gone off the rails, I was raised Southern Baptist, still identify with the Baptist church (have even been on a 10 day mission trip to Africa), flirted with joining the Catholic church, and more. Trust me, I'm Christian and believe in God more than I ever have. I don't find Tolle, Robbins or even Buddhist principles to take away from God or the teachings of Jesus, I find them to mesh quite well and at many, many place to overlay perfectly.

OK, that's enough for today, I have lots of thoughts I want to get out, and when I get them out I want to further develop them (hence why I'm doing this).

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