Thursday, September 20, 2012


OK, I'm not a fruitcake, just read a couple of sentences here and I'll explain why I, you, everyone should meditate (meditate more).

By meditation I don't mean the "fruity", "crunchy", SoCal thing Hippies do per say but I mean be specific in a pursuit of being mindful. This has so many benefits I am not even going to try and list them all but most notably can be stress relief (because things are rarely as bad as they seem when calmly reflected upon), removal of anger, and perhaps most importantly for my current setting (sitting at work at the reference desk) is attentiveness and focus that allows for successful completion of tasks while being overwhelmed. It is basically a decluttering of the mind which allows you to function at a more optimal setting.

How you go about this is explained here in a much better way than I could ever explain. I use a lot of these techniques when I'm doing well, but trust me that is not bragging on myself, it is just a way that works for me. If you have the time (and you should take the time, we all should) check it out.

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