Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stop Exercise - Better Me

As part of what I’ve been working on myself, I’ve been incorporating what can generally be called a “stop exercise”.

My purpose in doing a stop exercise is to build in a reminder to “FREEZE” and do a check on what my status is in all sorts of matters. I check on my posture, I check on if I’m motivated or acting lazy, I take a slight pause to consider how far ahead or behind I am on my calendar and if I can do a couple of quick hitters to catch up.

The reminder part is the hard part to maintain (not that hard to start). I can only speak to what kind of works for me or what I’ve read. One thing I specifically do that is great is I have an alarm on my phone that buzzes twice a day, it has its own specific tone so I know when I here it to automatically freeze and take stock – before I have a chance to realize what I’m doing good or bad and adjust. It has even gotten to the point of when it buzzes and I’m on silent I can look at the clock and know “that’s a stop exercise” and not a real text.

The idea behind this is in the same grain not being able to fix yourself without first admitting you have a problem. In order to admit you have a problem you have to realize it so this step is trying to realize where I might be deficient.

I also mentioned posture earlier, I’ve been told and subsequently agree with the idea that your posture, and how you look in general, is a reflection of how you are mentally. A sloppy, lazy posture is a pretty good indicator of a sloppy, lazy mindset. A good posture assists in better breathing and is a decent indicator of where I am mentally.

I also have one connotation of growing up that seems related to the immediacy of a stop exercise and that is when doing basketball drills and we had to shift directions based on the whistle, ie forward on whistle, then backwards on the next (working on quick reactions).

For someone else's (better?) explanation  of a stop exercise see here

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