Monday, May 7, 2012

Breaking the Chain - Better Me

One thing I am trying to do in building habits and making a better me as a result is follow an idea that has taken on different names but I have taken to calling "breaking the chain".

While actually it is probably better described as not breaking the chain you get the idea. Basically I read about the idea on Life Hack,, and it was apparently a Seinfeld episode plot. The idea is you take a idea/habit/goal and do it every day, just a little something and over time you will get there or be so used to it you have created a strong habit.

As an example I'll include a picture of what I have sitting above my desk at work. X means completed, O obviously means the chain is broken. I don't do well at all on weekends but 5 days a week is good. I'm trying to build these 3 habits (which I will probably talk about more later) but for reference here Med = Meditate, Email = 0 Emails in my Inbox, Utmost = Reading my daily devotional My Utmost for His Highest.

No need to cheat, it is just for me but I don't know why, maybe it is competitiveness with myself, maybe it is pride of filling in the boxes but I do like to see a long string of X's at the end of the month when I change out the calendars.

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