Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Motivation & Sticking With It

A short post here as I'm trying to stay in the motivation zone but a professional friend of mine had a recent blog post about how he leaves conferences motivated but cannot seem to sustain that all the way through to completion at times (an overly broad and inaccurate retelling of his post) but he planned to take a few ideas, identify them on his blog and perhaps create some sort of support system / residual backlash for helping to make these things happen.So I'll try the same thing.

3 Big Projects / Things I want / need to do that I keep letting slide

1. Finish up that paper about library career services items for young alumni
2. Get scheduled to speak at a Loyola CLE (I've done probably a dozen of these at my old job but none here)
3. Get in the classroom and teach in the Loyola Skills programs. I just haven't taken the initiative here to do this to this point and the reorganization of that department furthered my laziness with thinking they need space to get back on their feet with the new crew. No more.

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