Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hornets and Tom Benson

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sports geek, and I have to admit that Tom Benson buying the New Orleans Hornets excites me because Tom, at least recently, has put money into his teams and enjoys winning. While a lot of what people seem to be talking about today is the randomness of wanting to change the name of the Hornets to something else (Bucs - the old ABA name, getting the Jazz name back, something else) I can't help but think about the future of the team.

I a self-admitted team builder wannabe, dynasty mode on NCAA football is (or at least pre-Emma was) an incredible time suck for me.

According to Hoops Hype this is what the Hornets salary cap situation looks like right now -

For next year purposes it may be more useful to look at it in a depth chart form, age of player this year in ()

PG - J. Jack (28) / Vasquez (25)
SG - E. Gordon (23) / X. Henry (21)
SF - Ariza (26) / Aminu (21)
PF - J. Smith (26) / Ayon (27)
C - Okafor (29)

These Hornets are also in line for the 3rd lottery pick this upcoming year. Now you can never be sure how the ping pong balls bounce but I'll say 3rd pick for this post. Personally I kind of like the backcourt. If they can keep Jack and Gordon on the floor I think that is quite sustainable. Everyone wants an all-star point guard but Jack can hold his own. HOWEVER, the front court leaves A LOT to be desired. I certainly hope that this upcoming draft works on that.

The Draft:
With the 3rd pick it is on some level same to assume that Anthony Davis is off the board but after that no certainties, who will possibly be there - the biggest name is Michael Kidd-Gilchrest, who I REALLY like as a player but I think he plays better as a big SF than a small PF so not the best of fits with Ariza on the roster. And Ariza is a quality starter, not an all-star but still quality. AND I would prefer to have an all-star calibar SG with a all-star caliber post presence instead of  2 stars at SF and SG for purposes of spreading the ball on offense and being better defenders. So lets kick small guys out, who does that leave?

- Jared Sullinger - 6-9 - Ohio St.
- Thomas Robinson - 6-9 - Kansas 
- Andre Drummond - 6-10 - UConn
- John Henson - 6-11 - UNC
- Perry Jones - 6-11 - Baylor

Let me begin by saying I like the pedigree of these guys, by pedigree I mean guys who come from programs that win traditionally (Baylor maybe a stretch but the others, not at all). I would also say that  I like that Sullinger, Drummond and Robinson all come with some beef on them. More NBA ready bodies that the leaner Henson or Jones. On some level Henson and Jones remind me of Okafor with that crazy long length and I don't see having 2 of those guys in the middle at the same time possibly as being as effective as otherwise. Drummond might also fit into that category as he is raw but I think for some reason he could be very dominant in the future. For my money, and yes I know it is a reach according to the experts but I hope the Hornets would go with Sullinger, an offensive presence in the post, a real chunk to have to move and a guy who could literally average a double double every night (think Zach Randolph underneath for the Hornets)

Oh yeah, I didn't talk at all about free agency, and it certainly appears the Hornets have some cap space.

Feel free to chime in if you want

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