Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So what has been happening???

For the like 3 people who may on occasion see this thing a lot has happened to/for me since last September.

The biggest/best thing is I fell in love. In February of 2011 I started dating a sweet young lady, things progressed well, got engaged in August, got married late October, lots of ups and downs along the way between planning a wedding for May (it falling apart as the church wouldn't let us have it after all the planning) then re-planning a sooner beach wedding. A bumpy young married couple stint in December and January along with some personal illness and surgeries on both my and Kristin's part. And I obviously can't forget a very, very important part of this story that I not only fell in love with one girl but two as Kristin brought a beaming, precocious little girl to the relationship with her (who was still 1 when I first arrived on the scene) and is now about to turn 3. Falling in love with my wife and daughter, becoming an instant daddy, working at a pretty cool job, dealing with all sorts of odd stuff, this is where the blog has gone to.

Now that being said today I don't feel like I have a whole lot more time than I did yesterday (when I wasn't blogging). BUT ... what I do feel is that I: 1. need to get some stuff out for personal clarity, 2. a journal would work for that but maybe, just maybe some of my topics could help others (some of my more abstract research or pop culture stuff) or be of interest to my family and friends (the family stuff), and 3. I've also felt that the blog (a blog?) was an outlet that kind of spurred on creativity for me and that is something I've kind of been lacking at work so why not give it a go. I'll also throw in a #4 here that on some level I'm "tired" of Facebook, Twitter just has never really taken hold for me, Pinterest is kind of cool but it seems awfully busy, and for some reason I just like the blog concept.

Here in the beginning I may talk more about some old stuff that happened in the past but I also want to kind of talk about some new stuff that I've learned that might be of interest to folks as well. Who knows, I know no one really reads this, maybe Laura and will since I read hers :) but hers is much more interesting in my opinion.