Tuesday, March 20, 2012

new new abode

I'll let a little cat out of the bag info loose here in that K and I are looking to purchase a new, bigger house. We have actually put in a bid, and countered back and forth on our favorite place we've seen in the 10 or so we have actually gone in that meet our "requirements". I don't want to say too much and possibly reveal our positioning and our hopes but I will say that we and the seller seem to be getting dramatically closer on a purchase price and they seem open to repairing/taking care of the fixes we noticed when we spent a few hours at the house on Sunday trying to fully vet the place.

All of this of course comes with a back-up of an inspection.

I will obviously talk more about it once papers regarding an agreement are signed and hopefully I can document some handy projects I've been able to complete. It is very exciting to think this may be a real possibility tho ...

And then the secondary step to this two step is to sell the house we are in once we get a new place locked down, now there may be some more handiwork.

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