Monday, July 11, 2011

Too Cool

I currently work at a good place, and I like my job, BUT ... when I see things that I consider very cool happening at my old job it makes me both proud and a little sad.

I saw this in my Facebook feed today - my old school, Mississippi College School of Law, is hosting a gubernatorial debate July 21st. We hosted a Senatorial debate for an open U.S. Senate seat a few years back and it is cool things like this that make me proud of my alma mater and former employer.

When I mentioned a little sad above it is not just that I'm not there for the fun that this could be but because I feel that my current school some how under achieves by not ever trying to do things like this. Maybe I am a little too pop culture, a little too play to the media and the crowds and not an egalitarian academic but I feel my current employer could easily have similar opportunities and just doesn't. Who knows ...

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