Thursday, March 24, 2011


It has been an (seeming) eternity since I posted something here but a few thoughts on articles I've seen recently and a quick update on my life :)

- Fix the Deficit? We can Do That - a short article in Time about "10 ideas that will change the world" - The most telling part of this page article is the reference to the 60 or so page report from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Now I'm not saying every single action they propose I approve of but I find it very refreshing to see solutions proposed that are oblivious (even if that makes it unlikely) to politics. And that is an important part of the article talking about how politics stand in the way of progress.

- Relax: You Don't Need to Worry About Meeting E.T. - another mini article in the same "10 ideas that will change the world" segment - BUT I completely disagree with the premise. Now I understand that thinks are a VERY long way away, BUT who is to say that ET (to use the articles parlance) travels at the same pace we do OR that he didn't start traveling those 14 billion light years distance 14 billion light years ago? I just think it is extremely short sighted to think that we came first or that everyone travels at our speed. I mean if we are thinking that their might be aliens out there shouldn't we at least conceive that they might be longer established or smarter (I know I have met many people smarter than me on this 'lil ole planet). Just saying, this Time author seems to have missed the ball a bit I think.

OK, my life, I have to say it has been exceptional strange in the past, I'll say 8 weeks. From March 4 - March 12 I traveled to Accra, Ghana on a trip with my church to "help" out some people that are what I can say are severely underserved. I am not willing to post a whole lot about this trip on the blog simply because I don't want any negative to ever come to anyone I had contact with in Ghana and they, even the poorest of them, have Internet access on occasion. Therefore, those who might want to expose, hurt, penalize those I've come to deal with and love have that access as well. If you want to know more about the trip feel free to shoot me an email and I'll talk your ear off about what was my best "vacation" ever.

A second major happening in my life this past month is that I got a contract extension with my job here as a librarian in New Orleans. I don't think it was a shock, in fact the opposite might have been a shock but a definite positive occurrance.

The final major happening to be listed in this blog post is that I have found someone really special to share my life with and while there are no rings or ringing bells (except for a cowbell perhaps :) happening just yet I feel like God has decided to reward me and I am really happy that he has done so. Maybe some day I'll talk more about her and our hopeful family but until then just know that I'm happy to be in what to this point appears to be a terrific relationship.

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