Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Assimilated Technology

I like the theme of this Slate article but not really the hopefulness (lack there of) or answers it (or didn't) provide. Generally the article is about how none of our home entertainment things work together and even the best of universal remotes still sucks. And I definitely agree it should be much easier BUT I think it is kind of pointless to rant about it without more than just a comparison to how computers all got on the same page.

The question the article made me wonder is if I bought a Sony TV, and Sony Blu-Ray, and Sony home theatre system would they even talk to each other like we want? If not the issue is bigger than Sony and Vizio not agreeing or wanting to build on a common language it is a short sightedness on the part of electronics manufacturers.

AND, I think the point the author makes about how the "internet" is/was supposed to fix all this but they will just gum up the works is small minded thinking. Honestly, I think the wave that puts this issue to bed is basing an "operating system" on computers, not 20th century electronics (think TV, DVD, home stereo). Once the lines are in place there will be no need for cable or satellite dishes, it Cat-5's into your computer, your computer uses your current TV as a "monitor", you can hook up your Bose speakers to the computer and the computer is your operating system. Oh, and you know that DVR we love but keep running up on its limit, 2 TB drives dont fill up as quickly as some Tivo box. This technology is not impossible IF you are willing to admit that 1995 home systems should be left there and not what is needed in 2011.

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