Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions 2010 Reflection

OK, some people are resolving not to resolute, I think that is just dumb, I kind of like doing resolutions as it is a way to plan, project, and put something in your mind. But as a good little planner I want to look back at 2010's resolutions and see how I did.

1. Finish up grad school (should be done in May) - COMPLETED
2. Pay off the 2nd mortgage - COMPLETED - then sold the house in November
3. Get an article published in a law journal (this is different than my previous publications) - ugh, still in progress
4. Do some health stuff (see list below)
5. Continue to improve and build my rapport with the faculty (not necessarily sure how to do this) - think I did a good job of this
6. Stop biting my fingernails (I've tried to do this for years now, this is my equivalent to smoking a nasty habit that I've quit for months at a time but keep going back to) - doing really well with this, fall off the wagon on occasion but good
7. Try and do better with my religious/faith/God mindset (hopefully the church we started going to a few weeks ago will help with that) - At times doing much better, other times not as much, overall up trend
8. Do a better job of trying to be "out there" and less of a home body (I think there is more to life than what I have been doing) - Doing good with this but being single certainly has something to do with that

The Health portion of the list
1. Lose some weight (first step is to get back to 223 my low of 2008) then I would like to lose the 23 more to see 200 but first step to 223 is the big one. - ugh, I did better, got in the high 220's and then lost the way again, overall result is failure
2. Be able to run a 12 minute treadmill mile again, it doesn't sound like much but more than I can do now and running on a treadmill (at least our small one) is tougher to get good speed than outdoors. - Got there during the summer but not there now, does that count?
3. Be able to do 25 consecutive push-ups (once again, not a huge goal but sure can't do it now) - Never got there, I suck
4. Be able to run/jog/walk the 2011 Mississippi Blue Half-Marathon (not the full deal but a huge step for a guy who is really overweight right now) - I actually got to where I could walk/jog a half marathon during the summer of 2010 but not there right now so another kinda iffy

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