Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Orleans Dining #41

Joey K's

Went to Joey K's last night with a friend b/c it was Wednesday and one of their special's on Wednesday is Brisket. If I haven't said before on here (I think I have) I love brisket. OK, the good and the bad, what they brought me was not brisket as I know it. It wasn't texas style brisket with a little char on the outside. What is was was a a really good piece of brisket meat (brisket just means the cut on the cow) cooked like a roast. Good, just not what I was expecting. Also had some rice and gravy and cheese fries both of which were good. My compadre had the chicken cor don blue which was also different than we thought it would be as it was kind of a country fried chicken with gravy. She liked it but again not what she was expecting. The service was also excellent. Prices, not bad.

Located at/near: Seventh and Magazine

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