Monday, January 3, 2011

New Orleans Dining #40

Martinique Bistro

Went here with my friend Karen (who btw is a high-roller compared to me, this is fine dining) despite I was wearing a hoodie (it was like 40 degrees) and was the most underdressed in the place :)  Anyway, Think $25 entrees, $8 soups. BUT what I had was DELICIOUS. This place zooms definitely in the top 5 of best meals I've had in NOLA.

I started with a soup of a crab bisque that was green for some reason, idk. But it was so good I joked to Karen that I should have just ordered 3 of those and I'd be stuffed and happy. I had for the entree what was called a "Cassoullet" basically a bowl, had white beans on the bottom (of which I didn't eat a whole lot), then some thick cut bacon and andouille sausage (both of which were divine), and on top a leg quarter of duck that was perfectly cut, falling off the bone tastiness. Really, really good.

Located at: Magazine and Eleonore

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