Sunday, January 2, 2011

100 Goals revisited

I blogged a while back about my 100 goals, things to accomplish in a lifetime but the idea is to make them goals so you always have something to work towards. Not just a broad, wishy washy idea laying out there.

Since I last blogged on this I accomplished 2 more goals

1. Having an Emergency Fund of $5,000. I have places I should be putting this, perhaps, or different things I could do with it but an Emergency Fund creates a sense of security and flexibility if it is needed. If you are not there in your life where you don't HAVE to worry about floating a check or how to get something you NEED then just wait till you get here. This is a great feeling.

2. Buy a car with cash. This was pretty cool but not as cool as I thought it would be. My other car was about played out so I bought a used 2004 BMW Convertible. Now it sounds really fancy but in all reality it is just a nice used car that drives really well and is expensive to fix. I'm trying to do some simple things on my own with it (hopefully some blogging will result from that).

These 2 bring me up to accomplishing 25 of my original 100 goals, an excellent beginning IMO so I thought this (plus the new year) made an update post very appropriate. Also I have a very big Spring planned for myself that will in theory knock off several of the goals - Visit Africa, Visit Belize, Go on an out of country mission trip, Present at a Regional Conference, Visit Philadelphia, and Go to the Sugar Bowl all should be done before the end of July.

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