Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Orleans Dining #36

Taqueria Corona

Went here with a friend of mine who is like the queen of Magazine street eating. I thought it was pretty good but not special (and not displacing Sarita's as my favorite close latin place). This place is known for its taco's most especially its fish tacos. I had 1 fish taco and 1 churizo taco. The fish taco was good, probably the best fish taco I've ever had but it wasn't like super good. So ... I think that may be a reflection on me that that just isn't my thing. However, I really kinda liked the churizo taco but the person I was with said it was too hot for her. Which may mean the exact opposite of what I just said with the fish that maybe the churizo is my thing that I prefer. I hope that makes sense. Service was fine, fairly speedy.

Located at: on Magazine between State and Eleonore

On the web at:

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