Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Orleans Dining #35

PF Changs

OK, I know I am pushing the envelope of what is acceptable on my list as this is both a chain and I have eaten at a PF Changs elsewhere in the world, BUT this is a new to me New Orleans restaurant so on the list it goes :)

Went here with the big church group and it was good as it should have been. Had the egg drop soup which was better than I remember it being at other Chinese places (I don't normally get it b/c I don't care for it but this was better than what I normally experience). The for my meal I had the beef and brocoli bowl. It was good, not exceptional but good. The difference being that while the meat was really well flavored and tasty the brocoli was normal (as it should be I guess) and the rice wasn't that great. It wasn't bad but wasn't special. Decent prices at Changs for lunch so can't complain there and the service was really pretty good even though it was a little slow, but we had a group of like 18 so that is understandable.

Found at: in front of the mall in Metairie off of Veterans

On the web at:

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