Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deep religious thoughts

I get an email daily (well almost daily) from my old church in Mississippi and the latest one I read had something that really spoke to me and really kind of spoke what I believe but in better words than I normally am able to find --

"I find that when I read Revelation, I want answers. All of the answers. The problem is that I long for information that God never intended for me to have on this side of eternity. The gift in that though is that in the vacuous spaces in my understanding into the meaning of Revelation, I have opportunity to fill those spaces with trust.

For that matter, my opportunities to trust in the sovereignty of God and His lovingkindness exist whenever He calls me to walk in faith, along a road whose end I cannot see. I will always have more questions than I do answers, which is unnerving to the control-freak side of me. But I find hope and peace knowing that He who knows and controls all, sent His Son to die for me so that I could be there with Him forever."
The bold parts are added by me but to me this is one of the greatest, and hardest parts of faith. The ability to give up control, to just trust and have "faith" in His plan.

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