Sunday, November 21, 2010

Worky Work, Busy Bee

OK, I'm not this guy but I felt super busy between Thursday and Friday and if nothing else wanted to post as kind of a progress report of sorts. So Thursday did the work thing, however, I felt so bad I actually left and went to the store for medicine and my laptop so I didn't have to sit in the big office area when I got back. Upon my return my co-workers thought I was sick enough that they had voted I go home (yeah, makes me sound kind of pitiful, I know). Stuck it out at work b/c I had to meet with a vendor rep (the super nice and helpful Ashley Bailey with YBP if you ever need a rep for there) at 1:30. And I actually took a short nap at work before hand (I'm going to call it on my lunch break and/or medicine induced). But ... that is just the run up to the post, not the post. I left work and headed to Jackson (a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour ...[think Gilligian]) got to my place there and worked around a bit cleaning up stuff, saw that someone had cleaned the gutters for me, etc. After a few hours at mi casa I went out for drinks with one of my best friends in Jackson for a few hours and then wrapped up the night with a trip to Wal-Mart (man that sounds like a big redneck statement right there) to get some Christmas stuff and I found a kick ass ottoman (that I have been looking for ever since K took my old one.

Have I mentioned I was sick?, yeah I think I did, so I go sleep but sleep terribly due to coughing, etc. and wake up, clock says 5:15 and I say what the heck, lets get up, gotta be rolling by 8 and still have some stuff to do. So take apart a bookshelf that had 28 freaking screws in it by hand because I'm an idiot and forgot my drill in NOLA, packed the car, stuffed, pushed, prodded, all sorts of stuff into the car, all big stuff so I'm rolling with an ottoman, a bookshelf, weedeaters, gas cans, waterhoses, airbeds, all sorts of craziness, packed to the gills it was. Get things packed in and checked my phone to see if I had missed anything and noticed something odd, the damn clocks had not been reset since the time change so I actually had gotten up at 4:15 and literally had only slept like 3 and a half hours. Anyway, I was being pushed by meds and resolve so whatever.

By time 8 rolled around I took a shower and was headed to the Flowood Water Dept. to get that taken out of my name and into the other guys name, then to the Bank of Yazoo to return my lock box keys to there, and then on to the closing attorneys. Thats right, the reason I went to Jackson was because I SOLD MY HOUSE, YAYYYYYYYY. Now I didn't make anything on the sale, actually sold it for less than I bought it for, quite a bit less when you factor in closing costs, improvements, and relators fees BUT the important part is SOLD. Which means no more payment, which will be huge in the future. So I get a nice little check from there (because I had put a bunch of equity into it when I refi'd K out of the mortgage). I then went from there to my home insurance guys office to sign a paper discontinuing the home insurance on the house since I no longer own it.

Then I went to lunch with Daniel and Alec and it was much like old times when we would lunch together and discuss Lost the day after at our favorite Mexican place, ah the good times. Went back and spent several hours at MC going by and seeing my old co-workers and such, I think they actually do kind of miss me, I know I miss them. I like my new job and all but after 8 years of working with some of them I developed pretty good relationships, especially with a few of them. After all of that, giving one of my friends there some stuff out of my car/garage I noticed the ottoman was kinda scratched up sooooo I decided to take it back and exchange it at Wal-Mart. So left MC at like 3:30, ran to the bank to close my Trustmark account (since I don't live there anymore and there are no Tmarks in NOLA) and then onto Wal-Mart to return one ottoman and pick up another. Did that, put new ottoman in car and noticed the top of this new one was broken, ugh, so had to go back in and return the top piece, get a top piece off the one I just returned, etc. Back to downtown to pick up the MC Credit Union check I had forgotten on my previous trip and then off to have a few drinks with another great MC friend. that wrapped up about 7, and then I drove home to NOLA. Just a bit of a day for sure.

So in recap-

- drove to Jxn
- drinks with friends
- ran to Walmart, got ottoman
- tore apart a bookshelf and table, packed all stuff in car
- shut off water at water dept
- turned in lock box keys at Bank of Yazoo
- sold house
- cancelled insurance at agents office
- lunch with friends
- closed account at Trustmark
- ran to Walmart, exchanged ottoman
- drinks with friends
- drove to Nola

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