Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Orleans Dining #32


OK, this place is clearly in the fine dining category but it is fun to go and eat this type stuff sometimes. An obvious French influence and man was it tasty. I went with an attorney friend of mine so we split some stuff to try it out. We had the gulf shrimp and crab/pasta dishes as appetizers and they were good, well the shrimp was good, not great the crab/pasta thing was really, really good. I mate had for her entree the sea scallops which she really enjoyed and I had the "suckling pig" which was 3 types of pork. The "tenderloin" portion was just divine, the sausage part was not as good as I expected and the "pulled pork" portion was pretty good but not heavenly (and smaller than the other 2 portions). There was also a creamed sweet potato base that was really good that is on, plus a garnish I didn't really care for but it was a garnish, so ... I will also say that we had a dessert of carrot cake (not my choice) but the couple of bites I had were pretty good. They also had a Tom Collins based drink that was quite tasty. This place was really good but not an everyday place for a cheapskate like me :)

The honest comparison for me has to be to Dick and Jenny's for me and IMO Dick and Jenny's was slightly better.

Located at: Magazine & Washington

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