Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Orleans Dining #30

Sun Ray Grill

Had some sushi here, I went here because I LOVED the brisket they used to have but they didn't have anymore. I split 3 rolls with a friend and we had a Blackened Voodoo Roll, a Philly Mob, and a shrimp tempura. What I absolutely loved was the Voodoo Roll. The other 2 were just ok IMO.

Voodoo is Spicy Tuna and Crawfish on inside, blackened Redfish and Aoli on the outside
Philly Mob is Salmon, Avacado, and Cream Cheese
Tempura Shrimp is Avacado, Cucumber, Tobiko, and Unagi Sauce outside

Found at/near: Annunciation and John Churchill

On the web at:

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