Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gene Taylor

I used to talk about politics on here but kinda got out of that because on some level my interest waned, on some level I just didn’t want to put it out there because my current employment, and on some level I think I might run for office some day in the distant future. Today I jump in for just a minute with a note about Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor, who represented the MS Coast in the US House, got defeated yesterday by Steve Pallazo. I will admit I have only met Gene once in person and that was just a handshake and hello deal and I’ve never given him (or any other politician for that matter) money. BUT I liked Gene for who he was and how he acted. In my experience Gene was gutsy, he was a conservative Democrat, he walked that fine line best he could and it is a fine line I kinda agree with of fiscal conservatism but some liberal socialness. Anyway, where my direct fandom comes from is several years ago (think 7 or 8 maybe) Gene was on a radio program in Jackson hosted by Paul Gallo. IMO Paul can be a Grade A ass. And on this morning he was in fine being an ass form. Now I’m not one who thinks people should be super nice to Haley Barbour b/c he is Haley Barbour, he is just a guy, but I think we should have respect for the office, he is the Governor and I do respect his position. Gene is (was) a Congressman and I respected that, Paul being the ass that he is doesn’t mind that distinction.

Anyway during the interview Paul was extraordinary rude IMO and Gene did a great job of being calm, not backing down from his positions, and basically being what a Statesman in the classic sense should be. After the interview I sent a short note to Gene on his website but to do so I had to put in a bad zip code because you aren’t supposed to be able to send other Congressmen than your own messages. About a week later, despite my erroneous address I received a hand written card from Gene saying he appreciated my kind words and my interest in the political process.

Now I know this isn’t much but it meant a lot to me. He didn’t have to write me, in fact I had no clue he would. He didn’t have to figure out my address b/c I had to finagle my info to just send the note. And unfortunately (b/c many politicians and people aren’t) he didn’t have to be a cool customer when on an interview with an Ass. But he (or someone in his office) did and I appreciated that and will continue to appreciate that.

I know some people probably don’t care for Gene, I know he hasn’t been perfect and a vote for Pelosi as Speaker isn't something I would have done, and there are probably plenty of political differences I have with him on some things but he is a stand up guy I will continue to root for and I hope he lands on his feet.

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