Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Orleans Dining #22

Commander's Palace

If you are not familiar with Commander's it is a well, well known place here in NOLA for being a "fancy" restuarant. Think like I was required to wear a jacket, jeans not allowed type place.

The food was excellent, it was a 3 course meal consisting of started off with a soup that was made out of pumpkin somehow, had like that very fall/grandmothers house type feel with a little biscuit. Then had a perfectly cooked pork tenderloin on top of some mashed sweet potatoes. Then desert was this terrific glazed apple thing with ice cream on top. I know this would be an embarrassing description for someone who really knows food and how much went into making this BUT I know what taste good and this definitely did.

I'm honestly not sure how much it would cost to go on a normal evening as I was part of a group of young professionals who had some sort of a deal since there were like 60 of us but I don't think it is cheap. One of the things people kept talking about though is how they do 25 cent martinis on Fridays and they are best known for their turtle soup; perhaps that will be on my next trip.

Found at / near: Washington & Coliseum

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