Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Orleans Dining #18

Last night I went out to dinner with old lawschool friends and one of their friends to a place called Irene's Cuisine in the Quarter. Now this is what I would call a "nice" place. Think wine list, dinners ranging from 15 to 35, candles, etc. I had the soft shell crab and honestly wasn't greatly impressed. That being said two of my cohorts had the special which was the veil, and I was perilously close to getting that as well, and they LOVED it. Our 4th had the duck and he really liked his as well so perhaps I was in the minority. That being said this town has a ton of places so ... I will probably not return until my exploring many of the other haunts has taken place.

Located at/near: Chartres & St. Phillip

On the web: can't find it so probably not there

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