Friday, October 22, 2010

Dream from last night

I rarely remember dreams but I feel like I dream a lot. I mean a couple of times a week probably. But this one was semi humorous, very memorable for me so I thought I would post.

OK, what I remember is for some reason my dad was sitting outside eating a plate of something like roast, green beans, carrots, that type of stuff. And then there appeared a lion, like a female, non-mane type lion. And my dad being the nut he is decided to walk over to the lion and see if the lion would want some of the roast.

Yes, just keep following me here

As he gets close the lion sees/smells the roast and walks towards my dad and when they get close he kind of reaches up with his 2 front paws to basically try and rake the plate out of my dads hand.

If you own a cat you know the motion I'm talking about.

And what this resulted in was dad jumping around with his forearms all sliced up by the lions claws, the lion eat roast off the ground and me for some reason laughing uncontrollably b/c of the nuttiness of my father thinking he could just walk up to a lion.

So there it is, I don't know what it means but odd to say the least.

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