Tuesday, October 12, 2010

100 Goals

ok, so i have posted before that I read the blog hundredgoals.com and I am definitely a list person, so I am going to share part of a list that I've already compiled but I want to get a more well rounded out list that actually gets to 100. Some people call this a bucket list but actually the idea is to kind of figure out a way to live, hopefully long before one kicks the bucket. * Note to say that this blog post actually kind of spurred me on to sharing. If it is in italics it is something I am working on now or plan to do in the next month.
  1. Fully fund my Roth IRA
  2. Stop drinking soda
  3. Stop chewing finger nails
  4. Visit Belize
  5. Visit Africa
  6. Go on a church mission trip outside of the US
  7. Present at a Regional Conference
  8. Visit Philadelphia, PA / Independence Hall, Liberty Bell
  9. Get Tenure
  10. Publish a law review article
  11. Read through the entire Bible
  12. Get under 222 lbs
  13. See a game in every SEC stadium - only been to Starkville, Oxford, Tuscaloosa & Baton Rouge so far
  14. Read 100 books - going to have to start counting - See progress
  15. Watch the 10 greatest AFI American Movies of all time - See progress - 7 of 10 right now
  16. Read the 10 greatest books per Time - See progress - 2 of 10 right now
  17. Do Project365
  18. Tour haunted houses / cemeteries in NOLA
  19. Ride a Train
  20. Owe NOBODY - no cars, no student loans, no mortgages
  21. Volunteer at a food bank
  22. Tutor a little kid
  23. Try Acupuncture
  24. Give $100 to a complete stranger
  25. Sleep under the stars
  26. Publish a book
  27. Catch an Alligator
  28. Catch a 10 pound bass
  29. Take dancing lessons
  30. Go Skydiving
  31. Do Firewalking
  32. Do a 1/2 marathon
  33. Do a whole marathon
  34. Get under 200 - if I can do the marathon thing I will be here
  35. Get off my BP and Cholestorol meds
  36. Learn how to properly cook with charcoal
  37. Take a class at a foreign University (Cambridge/Oxford/Paris)
  38. Have a family, that includes wife and kid/kids
  39. Own an antique car, preferably a convertible
  40. Ride a horse
  41. Own land
  42. Buy some custom fit shirts
  43. Take flying lessons
  44. See Jeopardy from in the studio
  45. Present at a National Conference
  46. Sing Karaoke in a bar
  47. Go see a Duke game inside Cameron Indoor Stadium
  48. Go to the College World Series
  49. Go to a Cardinals playoff game
  50. Go to a MSU NCAA tourney game
  51. See a game in every MLB stadium - only been to St. Louis, Houston, Arlington, Atlanta, D.C., & Colorado so far.
  52. Go Kayaking in Colorado
  53. Go Trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains
  54. Go see the Northern Lights
  55. Go Deep Sea Fishing
  56. Go to the Olympics
  57. DC - See a SCOTUS argument live
  58. DC - Cherry Blossom in DC
  59. DC - See a Presidential Inauguration
  60. Visit NYC - Climb the Statute of Liberty
  61. NYC - New Years at Times Square
  62. Visit Cooperstown
  63. Visit Chicago - Wrigley Field
  64. Visit Mt. Rushmore
  65. Visit all 50 states
  66. Visit Rome
  67. Rome - Stand in the Sistine Chapel
  68. Visit Paris
  69. Visit England
  70. Visit Ireland
  71. Visit Israel
  72. Visit Egypt - See the Pyramids
  73. See the Pacific (get in the Pacific) 
  74. Go to the Sugar Bowl
  75. Buy a car with cash (probably used but still)
  76. Have a $5,000 emergency fund
  77. Buy a house - it's not that cool, especially when you try and sell it
  78. See a Stand-up Show - Kevin James & Daniel Tosh
  79. Give blood
  80. Build a snowman
  81. graduate from law school - MC
  82. pass the bar - Mississippi and Alabama
  83. get Master's Degree - USM
  84. Teach law school classes
  85. Tour the White House
  86. Get a photograph published - AALL Spectrum
  87. Drive a car fast enough it cuts off
  88. Do a 5k
  89. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans 
  90. Go Bowfishing
  91. Go to a Mississippi State bowl game - Liberty Bowl
  92. Go to a Dave Matthews Concert  - Jazz Fest & Memphis
  93. Crawl around on Mayan Ruins - Uxmal
  94. Stand underneath a waterfall
  95. Visit the Smokey Mountains
  96. Visit the Grand Canyon
  97. Visit Yellowstone
  98. Visit Lake Tahoe
  99. Visit Las Vegas
  100. See a show in Vegas - Saw Kevin James & Rick Thomas

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