Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Orleans

I was told by a friend of mine my last general New Orleans post was depressing so at the end of a much better week I thought I would "check in" again.

I really kind of feel like I'm getting in a groove at work as I'm being given more responsibility, that is a good thing IMO. I've slowed down my eating out just a bit and have gone grocery shopping (which is probably healthier for me too). I went to church for the first time down here and had a pretty good vibe for the people, not positive about the big service itself but I liked the "common" people I met; I plan on going back tomorrow for the "young professionals class". I met with one friend of a friend for the first time (as I try and build connections here) and emailed with a couple of former MC students I know to try and get together with them at some point.

Last night I ordered my new phone, I plan on getting on the family plan with my parents, sister, and grandmother. I ordered an iPhone 3gs. Wasn't willing to spring for the 4 because I don't think the new stuff (HD video, better camera) was worth the extra money for me. After doing that I went to see The Town at the Prytania Theatre which was pretty cool. I recommend going to the Prytania website and looking at it (generally it is a single screen theatre that shows some old movies at certain times and a new release each weekend)

Today I went to a bicycle auction in hopes of getting a bike for cheap and theoretically have another option for getting to work. Prices for the one's I considered were higher than I was willing to go. I will also note the minor note that today I shaved the beard down to a goatee which is probably the first time in 3 months or so, just got kinda tired of the beard (but I need a haircut as well, maybe this afternoon).

Maybe it is work, maybe it is finally getting all of my creature comforts (power, gas, tv, internet) on, maybe the lack of a need to go to Wal-Mart because I am missing something, maybe it is just being here for a bit longer but I'm starting to feel more at home in New Orleans and I have still been here less than a month.

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