Monday, September 6, 2010

New Orleans

* I thought after I originally posted this I should note that I'm not posting about work b/c I'm not sure what work people think about blogging just yet and I really don't have that much to say about work just yet even if they are cool with it.

Ok, I'm going to keep trying to do the food reports like I have been but don't feel like it right now so I did some placeholder posts, hopefully I will get around to filling those out before I forget too much about them.

I have to say that this week, 10 days, whatever it has been since I moved to New Orleans hasn't been terrible but it hasn't been great. Getting the utilities turned on in this apartment (well it is half a shotgun house but I will call it an apt.) has been a nightmare and for an OCD person like me nothing is going according to plan. I got down here too late on Friday the 27th to get water turned on before the next Monday. So got water the 29th. Had power the whole time but had no gas which means no hot water and no dryer until that got turned on the 31st. Also supposed to be turned on the 31st was my DirectTV, BUT they decided somewhere b/t my bundle order with AT&T and DirectTV that I would be scheduled for the 2nd without telling me (and I work the 2nd). So DTV was rescheduled for Saturday morning 8-12. Internet was supposed to be turned on last Thursday, the 2nd, and I still don't have it working as I type this on the 6th (many thanks to whoever it is I am stealing it from). After hours of being on the phone with At&t and Netgear At&t is now sending out a tech because apparently no signal is getting to my house despite the fact they say it is turned on. Who knows???

Oh, did I mention DirectTV bumped my install from the 31st to what was eventually 8-12 on Saturday the 4th. Well 8-12 became 1 and then I called and they said 15 minutes away, Mr. DirectTV man actually shows up at 2:34. And it took until 6:15 to install a dish and 2 receivers, yes, almost 4 hours and completed some 10 hours after I had to begin waiting on his arrival.

All this being said the people I have dealt with have almost exclusively been very nice, even the foreigners on the phone (only exception was an office worker at the New Orleans S & W Board and she wasn't mean, just extremely indifferent).

Since this post seems to have taken on a tone of bitching I guess I will keep going by complaining that when I went to open up my local bank account (because there are no Trustmarks in NOLA and I want a brick and mortar in the city I'm in) I found out their lobby closes at 4 p.m. So ... had to retry that again a later day. When I did get in to both the ladies I dealt with were super sweet. I will also complain on myself that I so completely blew out my cellphone minutes this month between moving and trying to sell the house, and getting utilities hooked up, and checking in on dad my cell phone bill had about $100 in overages this time around. Oh, well.

I will say in an effort to make this post a little more positive that in addition to the negative one positive (besides the peoples attitudes) is that wine is extremely cheap here so I'm trying out some different stuff with that.

What I am drinking as I type this is Blue Crisp and Fruity Reisling by Schmitt Sohne which is not great in my opinion as it has a kinda hint of something that just isn't me. Isn't terrible and I'm sure I will finish it but probably not a rebuy for me.

What I liked better than this current one is the Relax Reisling also by Schmitt Sohne that seemed a little more crisp and tasty to me.

I had a glass of Little Penguin Chardonnay over the weekend and it was pretty good as well, not positive of exactly what it was though.

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