Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Orleans Dining #9

Singleton's Mini Mart / Po-Boys

I LOVE THIS PLACE - first off the food was great, second it is like 6 blocks from my work. I had a roast beef po-boy that was really good and was a ton of food. I also got some cheese fries that I think were 2.99, kinda an odd add for me but they spoke to me for some reason, then I saw the po-boy and I said to myself, well maybe I can eat the fries still, and then they gave me a whole take out box of fries slathered in what I basically would call nacho cheese from a crockpot. DELICIOUS. I know I can be kinda odd but I really like it, really I could have eaten one, or the other and been full. I will definitely be going back here.

Found at: Garfield and Millaudon

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