Monday, August 30, 2010

New Orleans

I mentioned that I would be moving and I am now "officially" a New Orleans resident. I moved down here to stay last Friday, but kinda bounced around a few places this weekend since I had no water until today but water and electricity makes it seem kinda like home now :)

Supposed to be getting television and gas tomorrow, internet of my own on Thursday, and bills bills bills will be coming (had to spin it some how). My old house is for sale in Rankin County, good little house if you are in the market for a starter home by the Reservoir. I really just want to sell it and not lose too much of what I have put in, not a money making venture there, a break even if at all possible.

Well part of my goal with this blog moving forward is to document some of the cool stuff I am experiencing and with me, on some level, this is like "Small Town Boy Visits the Big City".

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