Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Look

The blog now has a new look, and it goes pretty well for what I am calling the new me. I've undergone a lot of transition and will continue to for the next little while BUT I am convinced it is for the best.

In my news it is really almost as big as it can get in life. After over 7 years of marriage I am now divorced. I'm not going to use this blog as a place to bash her, nothing to be gained by that by me and quite honestly I don't want people to think poorly of her. What happened, happened, and we all live with what life is.

In news that is just as big my dad's cancer is back. They have caught it really early but it is still really scary for me. I admit I don't do well with loss. 10 years after my grandfather passed I still miss him tremendously every time I think of him. I also had a great uncle who meant a lot to me b/c in my life I felt like he was the first adult who kind of treated me as an adult when I was 13 or 14. I went back to his house for the first time since his passing a year and half ago and the emotions just overwhelmed me. Anyway, the threat of loss of my father is tough to deal with so some transition there.

And in what can be seen as a good transition I have been offered and accepted a new job in New Orleans. This is a big step up for me as I am moving into management, or as I say going from a worker bee to a manager bee, and will get paid quite a bit more for the hassle. More importantly than the pay though is the experience to see if I really want to be a Law Library Director (which has been my goal basically the whole time I have been working full-time in the law library).

So that is what has been up with me. This obviously involves lots of other, lesser issues than these great big ones (think moving, selling a house, dating, counseling, losing weight)that may or may not get blogged about but the blog isn't dead. I've just been really busy (understatement just a bit there).

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