Sunday, June 6, 2010


My blogging here has been really sporadic here, and if anyone actually checks this place they know that, but I may or may not get better about the pace. The title of this post is what it is because in the meanwhile of lack of blogging a tremendous amount of "stuff" has happened in my life. I may get into that stuff in a later post but it is safe to assume that I have reached some really low points in my adult life and also found out more about myself in the last 4 or 5 months than I have in the preceding 10 years or so of adulthood and not all of it is bad.

Is that cryptic enough for you? :)

Anyway, what that means for the blog, at least if I get back into blogging, is hopefully a renew of interesting posts about things I am into or at least find interesting. I think I will also give the blog a bit of a makeover as part of this "new" me, I have changed a lot since late 2009 and so why not change the look of the blog.

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