Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have started to try and do some reading again, and just like my normal method I am kinda reading on several different things at once. One book I picked up yesterday as I burned a little time in Barnes and Noble and started reading on today is Jesus, Life Coach. I know the title sounds kind of crazy but I really like the style of books that have parts broken down in 4 or 5 page readings and this is like that. Additionally, it will hopefully feed 2 of my current thirsts of getting closer with God and getting much better with "life" in general. The idea with this one is do a reading a day, I believe there are about 60 of them so a methodical 2 month process.

Another book I have read a little bit in before I got distracted (I actually liked what I read but it isnt an "addictive" read) is Addictive Thinking and the Addictive Personality. One some level I have an addictive personality and am at least a little bit OCD so in trying to find out more about myself I am trying to read on this a bit.

I've also picked up and am reading portions of is The Constitution in 2020. This is one of those books that has many different parts written by many different authors and I'm going to pick and choose the parts that interest me.

One final thing I have been reading is a fiction piece called The Fundamentals of Play. I picked it off the library shelf because the review said something like the Great Gatsby of the end of the twentieth century. I don't think it lives up to that billing except that it is about 20 somethings struggling to find themselves and their way in New York but I am on page 97 so its not bad or anything or else I would have quit a lot sooner. (For those that love this book and think my comment is overly harsh I apologize but I really like Fitzgerald so the standard is high.)

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