Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breaking Fantasy Baseball News

I just agreed to a very big trade in my NL Keeper League

I traded away:
Chris Young
Cody Ross
Madison Bumgarner

all 3 with decent keeper values for

I get:
Roy Halladay
Skip Shumaker
Bronson Arroyo

O.K. I obviously am playing for this year over next year by trading away 2 keeper members of my starting outfield for 1 ace. I'm telling myself that it is smart because next year the value of Ross and Young at 9th round and 10th round isn't nearly as good as this years 12th and 13th BUT, those are 2 really good keeper values. Also I have lost faith in Bumgarner. AND most importantly I believe the Halladay may very well take me to the championship (I am tied for 1st place this morning) I do have to find a little outfield help now but I think that is ok when looking at a guy like Halladay.

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