Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello, Hello

I don't figure many people read this blog still but if you make it across this post I have a question for you. Is it crazy that I have a desire to write a book? And in asking that have you written one or have that desire?

Yes Anarchist here is the perfect place for you to say you have a book, it is one of the few things I am jealous of you for doing.

And I guess I should include what type of book I am thinking of, well actually it is 2 different things in my head (maybe more). 1 is something that is kind of work related like Municipal Law book, that sound very boring to many but muni law is probably my favorite area when talking about zoning, annexation, local ordinances and the like. Another idea I have is something that is more personal that is some kind of meld b/t a journal for me to keep, the beginnings of a memoir (yes, I may just be that histrionic), and a fictionalized account of lawschool and craziness that happens. The third idea (but kinda like the second) is more of a straight fiction story. I read a lot compared to most but not a tremendous amount with my subject matter usually being of historical nature or pure fiction (think Harry Potter, Grisham, L'Amour, Ludlum, Puzo, Silva). At one point, and yes I had a list, I read all the western Louis L'Amour, all the Harry Potter, all the John Grisham, all the Hardy Boys, a vast majority of Nancy Drew (OK, those last 2 go back a ways but you get the idea).

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