Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday night blogging

Going to do a couple of posts as I sit here Sunday night watching a heck of football game between the Packers and the Cardinals, thinking I will post date a few to give some fresh content to spread out.

First thing I have found interesting today is reading about Oheka Castle. Oheka is the second largest "home" in the USA at c. 100,000 square feet and was used as the backdrop for Xanadu in Citizen Kane, I recommend the wiki article. If you try and think about how big that is it is really, really hard. Think of a McMansion that you may see around, that is about 6,000 sq feet. Now think about combining 18 McMansions as one house. Yeah.

or for a look at the Xanadu clip

and all of this probably makes you wonder how in the world I stumbled across this. Well it so happens that baseball's (perhaps) best known playboy, Derek Jeter, is finally settling down and is rumored to be getting married to Minka Kelly at Oheka Castle. You might know Minka from Friday Night Lights.

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