Sunday, January 24, 2010

More recruiting

A different way of looking at recruiting is to see how you do in your own state. I think this is especially important when you come from a state as talent rich as Mississippi and have a conference opponent (and rival) in the same state. (one of the 2 best talent evaluating websites) has just released their final "Class of 2010 Mississippi Top 30". I will update this list when signing day passes in less than 2 weeks. For the fun of it I will bolding who I am thinking/hoping MSU will get.

  1. D. Robinson
  2. K. Eulls
  3. C. Thompson
  4. T. Dickson
  5. C. Martin
  6. M. Wells
  7. Ro. Johnson
  8. W. Rea
  9. V. Sanders
  10. M. Carr
  11. N. Parker
  12. A. Ruff
  13. J. Hughes
  14. S. Coleman
  15. C. Virges
  16. C. Giles
  17. B. Bennett
  18. D. Sullivan
  19. S. McNair
  20. T. King
  21. N. Griffin
  22. B. Hill
  23. V. Taylor
  24. De. Clark
  25. C. Tillery
  26. Da. Bailey
  27. A. Williams
  28. S. Nobin
  29. P. Black
  30. D. Cox

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