Friday, January 1, 2010

Ranking of catchers for 2010 - January edition

As I will say with all of my rankings, they are subject to change based on free agency, Spring Training play, injuries, and any other number of things. With that said, here are the early catcher rankings:

  1. Joe Mauer - not much arguing here
  2. Victor Martinez - VMart is a pretty clear #2, make sure he qualifies as a catcher in your league or else he is just a mediocre first basemen
  3. Brian McCann - most have McCann going a clear #3 and he probably is, but look at the numbers from last year, even with Posada a bit banged up, and McCann & Posada are pretty close in production
  4. Jorge Posada - see McCann above, plus in 100 less at bats Posada only had 21 fewer total runs
  5. Mike Napoli - I have never been a fan of players who split time but even with the LAA version of splitting Napoli is deserving of a top 5 spot in a shallow position
  6. Bengie Molina - anyone say Angels catcher? While Bengie is no longer in LA his San Fran numbers have a nice steady feel about them
  7. Miguel Montero - here is where it starts to get interesting, can Montero duplicate last year? I am a believer (but remember these are just catchers)
  8. Russell Martin - the opposite on Montero, can Russ shake the poor season of 2009 and return to form? a number 8 spot is a hedge on improving but not to the form of 2007 or 2008
  9. Matt Wieters - Wieters may well be the real deal AS A CATCHER, read still not a top 5 round pick as some may think. Between the risks of sophmore slumps and the uber-rarity that is Joe Mauer just let some other sucker jump too high for him.
  10. Kurt Suzuki - had an excellent, steady year for the A's in 2009 but part of me worries about his number of innings from last year. That being said is is moving into that prime 26-28 yo range.
  11. A.J. Pierzynski
  12. Miguel Olivo
  13. John Baker
  14. Ryan Doumit
  15. Carlos Ruiz

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