Friday, December 4, 2009

What does government do for me?

I live in Mississippi and Mississippi like pretty much every other state out there has no where near enough money to sustain their previous budgetary expenses. No real shot there. But I got paid Thursday (get paid every 2 weeks) and looked at all the taxes on my check and it got me thinking.

What do I really get for my money in a direct way?

  • roads
  • some assistance taking care of my 2 grandmothers
  • some police protection
  • some food safety
  • on some level I'm sure my taxes help make USM tuition a bit lower for me but I still pay a use tax in the form of tuition for that
  • and I sure don't mind pitching in to help fund the military but that is arguable for a direct benefit
Things that might apply to others but don't for me
  • K-12 schooling
  • fire departments (have never needed)
  • medicaid
  • medicare
  • state hospitals
  • the court system
  • unemployment
  • NASA
  • and many, other things
So can you help me out by adding to the list? What do I really get for my money? Where is the accountability? I know I am lucky that I have not needed unemployment or medicaid or fire departments BUT on what level should we be expected to fund for others? (Open ended question there)

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