Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Maxim #1

From time to time I will have some maxims for Fantasy Baseball that I advise, to see them all check out the tag "Maxim" on the right

Maxim #1 - Never draft a closer over 35 years old

I HATE old closers, they are just too, too unpredictable. 2008 was a great example of this as heading into the season people drafted Izzy, Borowski, Todd Jones, Hoffman, and Saito because they had put up pretty big numbers. Anyone remember how many of these guys actually held on to the job the whole season? Hint, names like Ryan Franklin, Heath Bell, and Jon Broxton are all now known and the Indians and Tigers have been a mess in the pen ever since.

So what does that mean this year?

Avoid - Ryan Franklin, Trevor Hoffman, Joe Nathan, Mo Rivera

Several on the edge - Fransisco Cordero, Brian Fuentes, Brad Lidge

I know several may gasp at dispelling Nathan or Rivera but I just let them slide to others and focus on the younger arms, plus I'm not drafting closers in the 6th or 7th round often so they are usually gone in my system anyway.

Now I love Fuentes if simply because the way Scioscia uses his closer but his age should be a factor to the prudent drafter.

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