Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scott Field Renovation

* updated with a few more pics

There has been a bit of discussion about some in the MSU community wanting to expand Scott Field as attendance is at an all-time high. Here are a couple of shots that I have seen floated around concerning this and I will update this post from time to time with new stuff if I see it. A couple of stadiums that MSU has to be looking at recent expansions are Arkansas' skyboxes in the endzone and Ole Miss' expansion a couple of years ago.

First is a picture of the a small bowled in enclosure

Second is a more squared in endzone look that looks a little taller
Here is a look with a South Carolina type Endzone created by someone

And here might be maximal expansion as I think MSU is eventually looking at a horseshoe expansion as where the Seal building and Dawgzillatron are won't be removed.
Here is a look at Clemson's endzone
Here is South Carolina's Endzone Expansion

a picture of the "new" side of the stadium
a look from the corner of the bleachers
a picture I took of the white out a few games ago

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