Friday, October 23, 2009

Putting in a faucet

I thought I would post some pictures I took when I replaced the 3 faucets in our bathrooms and how easy and quick it can be. This happened a while back but I never posted the pics

First picture I note the time, 6 straight up, this is the old faucet

We have a boxed new faucet
And we have the required tools, scissors are for opening the box
a look at the bottom side of the sink
crawled under the sink, where the water line attaches to the bottom of the old faucet (notice the white nuts) and how the stopper is attached

Same thing, broader view
Real Step 1 is TURN THE WATER OFF, and then try and run any out of the faucet but that doesn't always work
then unscrew the ends of the water lines from the stobs on the faucet, the stopper has also been removed, these were easy twist with your hand screws, had to use the pliers to get these started off. Then unscrew the white nuts off the back of the faucet stobs, some debris may fall so watch out.
with no nuts on the backside removal of old faucet is easy, not the clock which is about 12 minutes later
put the plastic brace thing on the bottom of new faucet and insert into holes
put the new stopper pole down the top before you crawl back under sink
screw the new nuts (my new ones were black) onto the new faucet, reattach the stopper to the bottom on the stopper
this gold "nut" is what screws on to the bottom of the faucet, slide it up the line and screw away
here both waterlines and stopper have been reattached
and final product is a completely functioning sink, notice the whole process took under 20 minutes. Of the 3 sinks I did only one did I have to retighten something as the water lines were leaking a bit, hence the need for the pliers (or vicegrips)
and here is the finished product

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Thomas said...

Good Job. And it looks good too!

One caveat for anyone using your site as a guide... watch out for the edges on the perforated bar the stopper pull attaches to, they can be sharp. A partial amputation of the thumb and a lot of stitches taught me that the hard way.