Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Major League Playoffs and Reflections on my preseason picks

On April 5th I made my predictions for who would make the playoffs and tonight that grouping will be finalized. Here are the picks with a bit of reflection: Bolded means they made the playoffs

NL East - Mets - How sad were the Mets this year? I have no good reasoning for why this team ended up 70-92.
NL Central - Cardinals - Even backing into the playoffs the Cardinals won their division
NL West - Rockies - While not winning the West the Rockies were good enough to take the Wild Card and had the 3rd best NL record at 92-70.
NL Wild Card - Cubs - The Cubs were miserable in the 2nd half finishing up 83-78.

AL East - Yankees - Yankees are simply the most talented team in MLB, finished at 103-59.
AL Central - White Sox - Palehose just didn't put it together this year finishing at 79-83; however that is only 7 back of the winner in the AL Central, the least winning division champ in the Majors
AL West - Angels - Mike Scoisca and his 97-65 team were once again clearly the best in the West
AL Wild Card - Red Sox - Sox at 95-67 were clear winners of the Wild Card and just couldn't hang with the Yankees over the course of the Year

So, in reflection I got 1/2 the NL and 3/4 of the AL correct. That might say something about the level of managing and coaching and how it makes a difference or how important $$$ is as poor teams rarely compete (Rockies aren't flush but they are the exception).

This brings me to projecting the first round of the playoffs:

St. Louis over the Dodgers (3 games to 2)
Phillies over the Rockies (3 games to 1)
Yankees over the Twigers (3 games to 0)
Angels over the Red Sox (3 games to 2)

more picks will come after the LDS's

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