Sunday, October 18, 2009

Car Work

Let me start by saying I'm o.k. at being handy but I'm not great. I can work with wood, do some wiring, simple stuff but car work not normally my thing. My car has had an intermittent rattle ever since we took it into the shop about 2 years ago as we had to have the ignition replaced after it shorted out and when they put it back together something in the bottom dash just wouldn't get right. Anyway after attempting to jam packing peanuts, t-shirts pulling, loosening screws, tightening screws and all sorts of stuff on the bottom most panel I had enough today. so off came the bottom panel (the one that has that lower interior light attached to it) and I started pulling and prying to get the bottom gray panel you see in the pictures off. In the process I took some pics with my phone in an homage fellow bloggers such as Robin and Shane who document some of their work on their blogs. See the pics below as I try and explain what we are looking at

This is the screw at the right bottom of the panel, screws into plastic, bracket hole you see goes to that bottom black piece that has the light
Screw on the left of same panel, you can see emergency brake and light cord and the other bracket hole

This is actually a view of the top left of this panel, both screws have been removed and I have pried it out of the 2 clip/bracket things that sucked this panel up to the car
This is the metal plate that lives underneath the gray panel that I have just taken off in the previous picture, note the black plastic piece at the bottom, I think this is my culprit for the noise
Here is a really bad picture of one end of that black piece, it has what appears to be a brass screw hole but it doesn't connect to anything and there is no screw ???

a look at how the gray piece is clipped in on the top right (top right of picture) and a couple of the screws I loosened in case their interaction is causing the "rattle"
Here is kinda a closer look at how the plastic is below the metal shield

So after I'm done with these somewhat poor pictures I will say what I have done is loosened up anything connecting to the plastic bar that I think is the culprit (with the idea that releasing pressure with make it where it wont rattle/vibrate/pop or whatever you want to call it). I have no idea if this will work but had to try something.

Another idea for the car guys, Robin, Shane, Thomas, what could the purpose of this black bar be and what would happen if I just broke it out of there?

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