Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Picks

Well since every sports station and show I watch seems to be picking who will win the divisions and such in the NFL I reckon I can chime in for my blog. Take it for what its worth.

NFC North - Packers
NFC South - Saints
NFC East - Eagles
NFC West - Seahawks
NFC WC - Giants
NFC WC - Vikings

AFC North - Steelers
AFC South - Titans
AFC East - Patriots
AFC West - Chargers
AFC WC - Colts
AFC WC - Ravens

In the NFC it was much tougher for me but I think the Bears just have no offense, the Cowboys are OLD in the line and on defense, part of me thinks that the Panthers might be back but ...

In the AFC I feel really confident with these picks, Dolphins or Texans might be able to sneak in the WC as the Ravens offense is always kind of flakey but ...

For the further down the line picks I think the Packers will win the NFC and Patriots will win the AFC. Patriots win the Super Bowl.

You heard it here, (but understand I watch NFL football but am not passionate about it).

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