Monday, September 7, 2009

Future of the car

Now I am not saying I will buy one of these but recent news articles have updated pervious more futuristic ideas of super cheap cars as a solution for low income populations. The India motor company Tata is now delivering on very basic cars for under $3,000 vehicles. Currently many car companies are trying to get into the India market and some Indian car makers (including Tata) are buying or trying to buy some more mainstream car companies that have struggling financially to give themselves some instant credibility in the marketplace. I believe Tata has purchased Jaguar in the past year. Additionally, I read somewhere that Tata has the Nano now meeting European standards with minimal cost increases (like $1000) so barring import taxes and the such one can image a Nano on American streets legally for about $4,500.

In addition to cars like the Tata Nano being supercheap this is "forcing" other manufacturers to look as the Supercheap market as GM is planning a model for $4000. I just see this as a sign of things to come (and a good one at that).

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