Monday, September 7, 2009

Dan the Man

The Dan Mullen Era at Mississippi State started this past Saturday and I have to say that I'm happy. The Bulldogs looked kind of sloppy in the first half (as were the conditions) but D1 talent eventually won over the game as Jackson State just doesn't have the horses to compete with MSU (or any other SEC school) IMO. You can easily find article detailing the game itself so I will use this post to just document some of my independent thoughts.

  1. On some level, despite not looking great MSU beat a D2 school 45-7. I think all MSU fans can live with that. Especially considering that AT NO POINT in his tenure as headcoach did Sly Croom's team score that many points.
  2. I was very disappointed with our lack of pressure on their QB. Against a line like Jxn State we should have the QB on the run just with D-line pressure. This could be problematic later
  3. Our defensive secondary scares the heck out of me as Jxn State beat them several times (partly b/c of lack of pressure) but we knew this would be a trouble spot coming into the season, hopefully they will have a better showing this next week.
  4. Saturday's game against Auburn is HUGE. MSU and Aubie have been projected as the 2 most worst teams in the Western Division (and possibly the entire SEC) and as such if MSU doesn't want to be 12th in a 12 team league then winning this weekend is almost a must.
  5. If some how MSU can beat Auburn then the following week there is Vanderbilt. Vandy (along with Arkansas, Auburn & MSU) is in that bottom dweller group in the SEC and if MSU (once again) is not going to be one of these folks then consistently winning these games is needed by MSU. All I can hope is that 2 weeks from now I could be extatic and say that MSU is 3-0 heading into a matchup with LSU (I'm dreaming here folks but who knows)
  6. I was very impressed with Robert Elliott and his running.
  7. I was shocked to see that Tyson Lee actually had more yards than Chris Relf for the game. it seemed in live action that Lee just couldn't get the O to move where Relf marched them up and down the field in the 2nd half. Apparently no big discrepancy on the stat sheet but it seemed like 2 worlds in my mind.
  8. It is fairly evident at this point that Coach Mullen is trying to redshirt Tyler Russell as he was not brought into what would have been the perfect "getting feet wet" scenario against JSU with a huge lead and Riley Saunders got in the game as leader of the mop up crew.
  9. I like how we were playing Freshmen WR and not playing Freshmen O-Lineman and QB's. Linemen need to grow bigger and stronger and QB's need to practice against D1 talent consistently were super athletic receivers don't have these restraints and so Dan Mullen is doing something I like here.

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