Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

I read lots of blog posts and want to pass many along (yet I'm lazy and don't) so here comes some recommended blog posts that I have read recently

- What Yoda Taught Me About Money Mastery - good post talking about how helping other with things like finances pushes you to learn more and be responsible (based on the idea that Yoda would be little of nothing without his students).

- @jedijunkie is a great resource on twitter for web and 2.0 talk. I read lots of twits and jedijunkie is one of the best I've seen at this genre

- Topps gets exclusive rights to MLB baseball cards. I'm always a fan of competition but I understand if a certain business just isn't big enough to substantiate multiple companies. That's not what happened here, here MLB chose Topps over Upper Deck or Topps and Upper Deck competing.

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