Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Couple of sports links

First, the Clarion Ledger story about Jarvis Varnado, MSU's All-SEC forward that is really cool in that he GAVE UP HIS SCHOLARSHIP to get more talent on the team with the signings of John Reik and Renardo Sidney. 2 really good signees for a team that is believed to be a top 20 team pre-season.

Second, is this story from the NYT about Andrew Hatch, former starting QB for the Bayou Bengals, transferring back to Harvard (yes, the same Harvard he transferred from to play at LSU). This obviously comes after he lost the starting job to Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee and 2 more big Freshmen are now on LSU's campus.

Third, is this story about how the Memphis Tigers are now going to sell beer at the home football games. And I thought dehyradtion was rampant when MSU played Memphis in 1998 :)

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