Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baseball History

I know I am biased when it comes to baseball but if you are a baseball fan now is a great time to be a fan because of the excellent players and performances we get to watch right now. In the news last night was Alex Rodriguez passing Rafael Palmeiro for 10th all-time on the homerun list with 570 home runs. It got me thinking that if you were going to try and catch a game who you could go see. With regards to all time home runs there are 4 active guys in the top 15 of all-time.

- Ken Griffey - 5th all-time with 621, 39 behind Willie Mays - don't know if he will get there
- A.Rod - 10th all-time at 571, ARod should march all the way up to 7th all-time with a standard 2nd half
- Jim Thome - 13th all-time with 554, could in theory get up to the top 10 with a monster 2nd half, more likely is he will catch Reggie Jackson and do some passing next year
- Manny - 15th all-time, TIED with MICKEY MANTLE, there is actually kind of a gap here but Manny has a shot to get to Thome land and then next year will move up the charts into the top 10 like Thome

Other active players who are right on top of "all-time greats"
- Gary Sheffield with 509, only 3 behind Ernie Banks
- Calos Delgado with 473, only 2 behind Stan Musial & Willie Stargell
- Chipper Jones with 417, 10 behind Piazza and being in the top 40 of all-time
- Jason Giambi with 407, 20 away from getting in that same top 40 all-time
- Vlad with 396, getting this low we just try and count to 400 but that is pretty cool

Looking further down the list there are 2 pretty young guys that could charge up the list
- Andruw Jones - I know he fell apart and had some bad season BUT he has a career 385 homers and he is only 32. If he just hits 20 for the next 8 years he is in the top 10 of all-time
- AND MY FAVORITE - Albert Pujols - Albert has 351 home runs at age 29. This is good right now for 77th all-time BUT if he finishes out this season like he did in the first half he would move all the way up to #55 and still be 29. Looking at comparisons Albert really has none, with his next home run he will have more homers in his first 9 seasons than any ever and he has never had a season with less than 32 home runs or 103 rbi's

And this is just the power hitting side

If you get a chance to catch some MLB games maybe try and watch there record setting and probably future hall of famers.

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